"Douglas Gerlach has one basic rule for those who would use the Internet as an investment tool: 'Learn how to differentiate noise from useful information,' he said. The Internet is a boiling cauldron of financial-news Web sites, discount brokers charging as little as $5 per market order, hot-tip mailing lists, rumor-mongering message boards, delayed and real-time stock quotes, pie charts, analyst ratings and government securities filings. Cutting through all that 'noise,' as Gerlach calls it, to hear the sweet song of financial success can be as difficult as it is rewarding. 'For a newbie, it's very easy to become adrift,' he said. But for those investors who take the time to learn how to use it, the Web can be invaluable."
- Chicago Tribune

Welcome to the online home of author and speaker Douglas Gerlach. Doug is currently the President of ICLUBcentral Inc., the market leader in investment club accounting software and web sites. ICLUBcentral also makes several programs for fundamental stock analysis and screening for BetterInvesting (formerly NAIC), including Investor's Toolkit, Stock Analyst, Classic Plus, Stock Prospector and Take Stock (whew!). His most recent project is the development of the all-new Club Accounting 3 for Windows, released in June 2005 to great acclaim by club treasurers across the country.

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NEW! Investment Clubs for Dummies is available for purchase! Doug is the author of five books on the topic of personal finance and online investing, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing and The Armchair Millionaire.

NEW! Doug created his first financial web site back in 1995, and since that time he's made it his business to know all about the world of online investing. Here are links to web sites he's had a hand in creating. His latest creation is, a new site with information on running and starting a club. Visit today!

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Besides the hundreds of articles that Doug has penned for financial web sites, he has also written for a number of popular financial and technology magazines, such as Mutual Funds, Individual Investor, and PC World. A list of published articles is available here, including links to many of the stories when possible.

With his background in drama, it's no wonder that Doug is known for his dynamic presentation style. Whether he's teaching beginners how to make sense of online investing, or offering strategies on handling underperforming stocks in your portfolio, you can count on Doug to be friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining.

Doug frequently appears on television, radio, and webcast programs, as well as in print media, with observations on the world of online investing. Find an archive of video clips and a listing of recent and upcoming appearances right here.

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